Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Android 1.6 On my Touch 3G Review Video

Android 1.6 On my Touch 3G Review Video

Thx,arsenito84 from Youtube for review Android 1.6 on his my touch 3G and upload this video.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sprint HTC Hero UnBoxing Video

I know this is my Touch 3G blog but here is a unboxing video of the new Android Phone from Sprint and will be my Touch 3g 's rival,Sprint HTC Hero

Find more information about Sprint HTC Hero on this blog
Sprint HTC Hero Blog Review

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

T-mobile G1 Price Drop To $129.99


T-mobile G1 Price Drop To $129.99

T-mobile decided to drop Tmobile G1's price to $129.99 with a contract.This price is same as Samsumg comeback and cheaper than Samsung Hilight which price is $149.99.So this may be storage clearing for Motorola CLIQ ?? We will have an answer soon.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Quick Search Box in Android 1.6

Quick-Search-Box Quick-Search-Box-in-Android-1.6
Android 1.6 brings Quick Search Box to your Android phone.This is awesome feature,with user customize options which allow you to keep results from applications with a suggestion provider that participates in Quick Search Box shows in Quick Search Box (Most likely appear under "more results" section) or you want only application's suggestion you can also turn off Quick Search Box by going to "Search" > "Searchable items" in settings

Here is Quick Search Box description from Android Developers Blog

One of the new features we're really proud of in the Android 1.6 release is Quick Search Box for Android. This is our new system-wide search framework, which makes it possible for users to quickly and easily find what they're looking for, both on their devices and on the web. It suggests content on your device as you type, like apps, contacts, browser history, and music. It also offers results from the web search suggestions, local business listings, and other info from Google, such as stock quotes, weather, and flight status. All of this is available right from the home screen, by tapping on Quick Search Box (QSB).

What we're most excited about with this new feature is the ability for you, the developers, to leverage the QSB framework to provide quicker and easier access to the content inside your apps. Your apps can provide search suggestions that will surface to users in QSB alongside other search results and suggestions. This makes it possible for users to access your application's content from outside your application—for example, from the home screen.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Android 1.6 SDK Download Available

Android 1.6 SDK Available for Download

Android 1.6 SDK Download Available

Android 1.6 or we known as Donut SDK now available for download.With version 1.6,many of change is full support for CDMA (Sprint HTC Hero will be the first with Android 1.6) and additional multiple display screen size like QVGA and WVGA,Quick Search Box integration,Android Market updated,text-to speech engine,user interface integrate with camera and camcoder and more

Android 1.6 will working on Android phone as early as October.For full detail read here.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Open Table App Now Available For Android

Open Table App for Android

Open Table App Now Available For Android

Open Table is a free real-time online restaurant reservation application which already launch on
the iPhone,Blackberry and WebOS and today it available for Android phone on Android Market.This application will helps you to find nearly restaurants and display on an interactive map,shows restaurant profile and checking or reserving from your Android phone without dial call.

OpenTable for Android Description :
OpenTable is pleased to announce that OpenTable for Android is here. Users of the open source Android platform can now enjoy the convenience of making confirmated restaurant reservations on the go and in an instant at more than 10,000 restaurants nationwide. OpenTable for Android allows diners to:

• Find nearby restaurants and see real-time availability
• Display restaurants on an interactive map
• Refine by cuisine, price, points and availability
• View restaurant profile pages with detailed information, including photos, menus and diner reviews
• Send an invite to fellow diners via email
• Get directions to the restaurant
• Earn Dining Rewards Points including 1,000 Dining Points on eligible dining times.

OpenTable for Android also leverages the Android platform’s unique integration capability between applications. Using this feature, WHERE® and GoodFood, two location-based applications in Android Market™, now enable their users to make restaurant reservations via OpenTable when they are on the go. WHERE® users on Android powered-devices will not only be able to search for restaurants nearby and read reviews, but they will also be able to book reservations while on the go. The GoodFood application makes it easier and faster to find and share restaurant recommendations.

Open Table App for AndroidOpen Table App for Android

Thursday, September 10, 2009

$100 Off For my Touch 3G With Oprah Promo Code

my Touch $99 with Oprah Promo code

$100 Off For my Touch 3G With Oprah Promo Code : KICKOFF24

Good news for who was considering to get my Touch 3g.Oprah Winfrey celebrates her 24th season kickoff party and she is launching my Touch 3G 's special offer as a part of this party.For save $100 for my Touch 3G,you just enter the promotional code KICKOFF24 and you will get my Touch 3G for $99.This offer required you to sign a 2 years contract andrunning through September 24th.
Oprah Winfrey

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pandora Available for Android Phone

Pandora App on my Touch 3G

Pandora Available for Android Phone

After Android phone get Facebook.Here is another application for Android phone users (only in US) that is "Pandora".Pandora is an automatic music recommendation and internet radio application which users can enter name of song or artists and then Pandora will take that song and more similar song for users.Pandora comes with smooth and clear interface,background playback and very nice home screen widget which allow you to control your music player and your stations from the home screen.

Pandora Application description :
Pandora Radio is your own FREE personalized radio now available to stream music on your Android phone. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a "station" that plays their music and more music like it.

Already a Pandora user? Even easier. Just log in. Pandora on Android is fully integrated with Pandora on the web. Enjoy all your existing stations - and create new ones right from your Android phone.
How to download Pandora to your Android phone
- Download from Android Market or
- Visit via your phone
- Scan this QR code (barcode scanner applications required)

Pandora application

So,I hope this application will make Tmobile G1,my Touch 3G, and Sprint HTC Hero users happy especially Android music lovers.Enjoy it !!
Pandora app on Android phone

Facebook On Android Phone Video

Facebook On Android Phone Video

Facebook Hits Android Market


Facebook Hits Android Market

About 1 months ago that we heard about Facebook on Android Market.Today Facebook application is available on Android Market and it is completely free to download.For Android users who download Facebook application to their phone,they can use basic function such as share status updates,look at your friends' walls,check your news feed,look at your friends’ walls and user info,and can even look up to 125 friends’ phone numbers from the home screenhowever,they can't chat or messaging.I think it required next patches to improve and complete all function of this app and fix a lack of inbox,anyway,it still a good news for Android phone users that they can enjoy Facebook on their device.

Here is Facebook application description :

"Facebook for Android makes it easy to stay connected with friends.
You can share status updates from your home screen, check out your news feed, look at your friends’ walls and user info. Share photos from your phone and can even look up to 125 friends’ phone numbers from the home screen."

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Android Market Updated Video

Android Market Updated Video

This update of Android Market will help Android Developers to promote and expand their application by upload screen shots and promotion icons.

Android Market updated description :
- Application screen shots
- Promotional icons
- Improved application descriptions

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

FlyDroid Video Review

FlyScreen on Android from Itamar Weisbrod on Vimeo.

Flydroid : FlyScreen for Android

Flydroid : FlyScreen for Android

android,application,my touch 3g,tmobile my touch

Flydroid is an application for your Android phone such as my Touch 3G.Flydroid from Flyscreen Company which you can access the mobile web with different widgets by use flydroid as portal and can lock or sleep screen of your Android phone.

For now Flydroid is currently in alpha version and have limited invitation and need Android 1.5 for working on.

[via phandroid]

Firmware Upgrade for Roger's HTC Magic and Dream

HTC-Magic-HTC-DreamIf you are Canadian HTC Magic or Dream users and Roger's customers.You can get firmware upgrade for you phone by download it from HTC support page.This upgrade will improve stability and functionality of your phone ,for example, Enable Chinese characters on Emails and E-mail client exchange fixes,Enables correct SMS timestamp

HTC support page for Dream
HTC support page for Magic

[via Engadget]
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