Thursday, September 30, 2010

BoxWave : Metal Case For myTouch Slide

myTouch Slide Accessories Case

myTouch Slide Accessories Case

For protecting your myTouch Slide,today i will recommend you the best myTouch Slide accessories case which designed to protect your myTouch Slide from any activity. BoxWave Metal Case for myTouch Slide made of anodized aluminum for strong and lightweight and that make your feel more comfortable when you use this metal case with your myTouch Slide.Inside BoxWave Metal Case fill out with a thin foam layer for your myTouch Slide security.This myTouch Slide case also designed with cut-out design for keep you feel same as using myTouch Slide without case when you touch the touchscreen.Boxwave Metal Case for myTouch Slide now available in 2 colors : metallic silver and black and cost only 27.95$.Buy BoxWave Metal Case for myTouch Slide Click here

Monday, September 20, 2010

Only $0.01 For myTouch Slide On Amzon Wireless

myTouch Slide Amazion

myTouch Slide on Amazon Wireless

Now myTouch Slide available on Amazon Wireless with only $0.01 for new T-mobile customers and $49.99 for existing T-mobile customers on 2 years contract.

New T-mobile customers have 3 service plans to choose which cost $39.99,$49.99 and 59.99 for 500,100 and unlimited to talk.

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myTouch Slide Accessories

mytouch accessories

myTouch Slide Accessories

If you are myTouch Slide owner and looking for accessories for customize your myTouch Slide.You can find all the best of myTouch Slide Accessories for your myTouch Slide from this store for example, Skinomi TechSkin full body invisible skin protector shield for myTouch Slide which can protect scratch and yellowing from UV or myTouch Slide armband for active myTouch Slide owners which totally fit with your myTouch slide while exercising.For buy myTouch Slide accessories and more information visit myTouch Slide Accessories Store

Monday, September 13, 2010

myTouch HD Specs and Key Feature

myTouch HD

myTouch HD Specs and Key Feature

The T-mobile myTouch HD is a sleek,ultra-thin family device built to deliver spontaneous HD connections with all the hardware and software specs you crave.Get blazing fast speeds with its 1 GHz Dual Processor and on America's largest 4G network. ( from T-mobile official document,they use "America's largest 4G network" ,may be T-mobile will re-branding HSPA+ as 4G technology in future.)

myTouch HD Key Features

Video Chat - free your connection
myTouch HD allow you to connect with family and friends face to face from anywhere within the T-mobile 3G and HSPA + networks or over Wi-Fi.No more need to schedule video calls.myTouch HD to another phone via (Qik),phone to PC (Qik and Yahoo Messenger) with contact availability displayed in the address book.

Screen Share - show off in a big way
Broadcast your HD picture, videos and movies to your HDTV by using the screen share feature on myTouch HD.No better way to brag about your latest trip to Vegas than pulling up pics with you and Elvis on a big screen !

Genius Button - your thought it was cool before ...
The Genius Button got even smarter.In "driving mode" (official name TBD) it will read out SMS to you, ask you if you want to respond.

myTouch HD Specs

Dimensions: N/A
Weight : N/A
Operating System : Android 2.2
Display Size : 3.8 Inch
Keyboard : Swype QWERTY
Memory : 4GB Internal,8GB External (SD card included,expandable to up to 32 GB
Camera : 5.0 Megapixel,VGA front-facing camera with flash and auto focus

myTouch HD - Coming With 1 GHz Dual Core and Front Facing Camera

myTouch 3G HD

Dual Processor and Front Facing Camera on myTouch HD

From previous leaked document from T-mobile,T-mobile will be the first who bring Android phone with dual-core processor to the market.Today,i get more detail from TmoNews about the first dual core Android phone and it's a good news for myTouch Series fans that myTouch HD will coming with 1GHz dual core processor and 5 Mega pixel camera with a front facing camera.

myTouch HD will using 3G,HSPA+ and Wi-Fi networks for video chat.With Qik and Yahoo Messenger you can video call between phone to phone and phone to pc.TmoNews also mentioned,a screen-sharing feature between myTouch HD and HD Television but not confirmed that myTouch HD will using HDMI or wireless connections for this feature.

I will keep you update when i get something now about myTouch HD official specs,release date and pricing. Don't forget to follow this blog : )

Friday, September 10, 2010

Accessory Bundle for myTouch Slide

mytouch slide accessories

myTouch Slide Accessory Bundle

Accessory Bundle 7 in 1 Pack includes car and wall charger for recharging your mytouch slide in the car and home quickly,car mount,usb cable for which can transfer data from mytouch slide and charging at the same time,screen guard and horizontal holster pouch for protect your mytouch slide from scratching especially holster which comes with sturdy belt clip. Check price and more information about this mytouch slide accessory click here
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