Wednesday, October 28, 2009

T-mobile Release New Service Plan


T-mobile Release New Service Plan

After rumored and picture leaked,New Service Plan of T-mobile released.T-mobile promote this service plan which has internal codename "Project Dark" aka "Project Black"with Catherine Zeta Jones.Surely,this service plan will make stormy competition in smartphones market after Sprint and Verizon got their Android device like HTC Hero and Motorola Droid and AT&T has a great phone named iPhone.

Here is new service plan description,there is 2 options for you,Even More Plans and Even More Plus Plans

Even More Plans


Even More Plus Plans


Monday, October 26, 2009

HTC Commercial : YOU Campaign

HTC YOU Campaign TV Commercial - You are different from you

HTC YOU Campaign TV Commercial

HTC Release YOU Campaign


HTC Release YOU Campaign

"Quietly Brilliant" this is a word for explaining HTC brand and with new campaign named "YOU" which has "You don’t need to get a phone, you need a phone that gets you." concept,That shows how smart HTC are.This is a very pretty commercial Ad of smartphones market.And not just a pretty slogan but it will come true,HTC will launch a new gen of mobile phones to the market after the successes of previous models like my Touch 3G,HTC Hero,HTC HD2.

Here is the press release about this campaign from

HTC Unveils global Advertising campaign
and new “Quietly Brilliant” Brand Positioning

YOU campaign brings new approach to mobile industry;
represents HTC’s focus on each customer

TAOYUAN, Taiwan – October 26, 2009 – HTC Corporation, a global smartphone designer, today unveiled a global advertising campaign that is based on HTC’s new “Quietly Brilliant” brand positioning. As HTC’s first global advertising campaign, the YOU campaign is being rolled out across 20 countries in the coming weeks and features the tagline, “You don’t need to get a phone. You need a phone that gets you.” This represents HTC’s commitment to focus on people, their needs and how they work and live to ensure that HTC devices suit them.

“‘Quietly Brilliant’ is doing great things in a humble way, with the belief that the best things in life can only be experienced, not explained,” said John Wang, chief marketing officer, HTC Corporation. “The YOU campaign is the perfect embodiment of ‘Quietly Brilliant’ and is core to HTC as a company, innovator and partner.”

The YOU campaign is focused on driving broad, global visibility and understanding of HTC’s unique brand promise – that it’s all about YOU, the consumer, and in fact not the device. HTC worked with Los Angeles-based advertising agency, Deutsch LA Inc. to create the YOU campaign that will employ an integrated-media approach to reach consumers via television, print, outdoor and online. HTC’s design expertise will be echoed throughout the campaign, with commercial spots highlighting the unique functionality of HTC smartphones.

“We’ve come to have a very emotional relationship with our phones. Many of our key experiences in any given day come through this one device and yet most of the advertising in the category is still about utility,” says Eric Hirshberg, co-CEO and chief creative officer, Deutsch LA.

“HTC’s whole design philosophy is very personal. They make phones where your experience is completely unique, so we think there is a connection between how people feel about their phones and how HTC makes them.”

HTC worked with London-based creative consultancy, FigTree to create the “Quietly Brilliant” brand positioning. The “Quietly Brilliant” positioning was inspired by HTC’s culture of putting customers first, born from a heritage of creating breakthrough products and continued innovation. As part of HTC’s culture, the “Quietly Brilliant” positioning will be rolled out in all forms of communication and brand touch points across the company.

“Some of life’s most brilliant ideas started with a simple doodle on the back of a napkin,” said Simon Myers, CEO of Figtree. “HTC’s new look uses this visual language of doodles to explain all the quietly brilliant features and benefits of HTC devices in a simple and human way.”

Monday, October 12, 2009

Vodafone UK will Get DONUT on October 19th

Vodafone UKAndroid1.6-Donut-on-Vodafone-UK

Vodafone UK will Get DONUT October 19th

After Good news for Tmobile G1 and my Touch 3G users in US,Now today is a day for Vodafone UK customers because Administrator of Official Vodafone Forum post that they will get Android 1.6 Donut official update to their Android phone on October 19th or may be a little late for 2-3 days.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Google Adsense for High-End Smart Phone

Google Adsense for High-End Smart Phone

New Flash Technology for Smartphones from Adobe


New Flash Technology for Smartphones from Adobe

Adobe release the new version of Flash at MAX conference in LA this week.Flash 10.1 will be mobile-friendly version which support for multi-touch and accelerometers.Adobe says this version of flash will improve the performance of your phone more than 87 percent,drop memory uptake by 55 percent and save your battery life.For the users who want to use Flash 10.1 will receive an automatically upgrade at the right time and Palm may be the first to get it.

So,for the Android phone, Google had joined the Open Screen Project with Adobe that make more easier to design games which can work across multiple screens using the Flash platform.Not enough Google just changed Adsense system for allow High-End phones to view full ads from Google.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Tmobile Release Android 1.6 To G1 and My Touch 3G

Tmobile release Android 1.6 To G1 and my Touch 3GThis is a big good news for Tmobile G1 and my Touch 3G customers,Tmobile confirm that 2 Android phone customers will get Android 1.6 or known as Donut on their phones.The update for Android 1.6 will sent to their G1 and my Touch 3G automatically and Here is some description from Tmobile Forums

Android 1.6 aka Donut
Regarding new and enhanced features, Android 1.6 includes:

  • An improved Android Market experience that makes it easier to discover great applications.
  • An integrated camera, camcorder, and gallery interface.
  • Updated Voice Search, with faster response and deeper integration with native applications, including the ability to dial contacts.
  • Updated search experience that make it easier to search various sources, such as browser bookmarks & history, contacts, and the web, directly from the home screen.
For full detail of Android 1.6 rollout go to Tmobile Forums

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