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myTouch 4G vs iPhone 4

myTouch 4G vs iPhone 4

myTouch 4G vs iPhone 4

T-mobile has promoted their network as "America's Largest 4G Network" and myTouch 4G is the second phone which running on T-mobile's fast network. myTouch 4G released in a market with commercial ads which hits iPhone 4 and AT&T - the main point of myTouch 4G ads are Video Chat features on myTouch 4G compare with Facetime on iPhone 4 and T-mobile network speed compare with AT&T network. Today, we will go deeper and show the difference between the 2 powerhouse phones from 2 carriers in US. myTouch 4G vs iPhone 4 - Which one is better phone ?

myTouch 4G the latest Android phone T-mobile runs the latest Android OS the Android 2.2 (Froyo) and has 3.8-inch SLCD display with 480 x 800 pixels while iPhone 4 runs Apple OS and has smaller display, 3.5-inch but more pixels at 640 x 960 pixels. So, you have to choose between size and colors.

The operation system on myTouch 4G and iPhone 4 : Android 2.2 and iPhone OS offer many feature to users and very easy to use but Android 2.2 on myTouch 4G is better than previous Android OS and comes with Adobe Flash 10.1 which give you a true desktop experience when browsing a website from this point - myTouch 4G is a little bit faster than iPhone 4 when browsing a web and you can play/play back YouTube Video's on myTouch 4G. For browser speed test between myTouch 4G and iPhone 4G you can see a video in below :

Video Calling feature : Facetime is a main feature which Apple has promoted for iPhone 4 but Facetime is Wi-Fi only and that's a weak point if compare with myTouch 4G Video Calling which users can use on T-mobile 's wireless network with many options to play with.

For more comparison between myTouch 4G vs iPhone 4G you can check specs by specs comparison chart and videos comparison from Smartphone Envy in below.

myTouch HD

iPhone 4








Android 2.2

iPhone OS4


1 GHz MSM 8255 Qualcomm

1 GHz Apple A4/ARM

Cortex A8


768 MB

512 MB


1.2 GB

16 GB or 32 GB

Expandable Memory

up to 32GB


Display Screen

3.8 inches WVGA

480 x 800 pixels

3.5 inches

640 x 900 pixels


4.8 x 2.2 x 0.42 inches

4.5 x 2.31 x 0.37 inches


5 ounces

4.8 ounces


5 Megapixel

with auto focus, LED flash

5 Megapixel with tap to fous and LED Flash


1400 mAh


Talk Time

up to 7.30 hours

up to 7 hours on 3G

up to 14 hours on 2G

Standby Time

up to 288 hours

up to 300 hours


Software with SWYPE


Video Capture

Yes, 720p

Yes, 720p




Wi-Fi Hotspot












Front-facing camera



Key Features

Genius Button, HTC Espresso, Wi-Fi Calling, , HSPA+ support, Wi-Fi hotspot

Retina display, more pixels, 5Megapixel Camera



Buy Now

$709 (off-contract)

Buy Now

myTouch 4G Bluetooth Dock Available In Store

myTouch 4G Blutooth Swivel Dock

myTouch 4G Dock

An awesome myTouch Accessories now available in T-mobile retail stores - myTouch 4G Blutooth Swivel Dock will offer the best way to access any entertainments on your myTouch 4G like watch movies,play games or show your favorite recipe when you cooking. myTouch 4G Dock costs $49.99 and coming with a pretty design match up with myTouch 4G style and useful feature. Not sure that myTouch 4G Dock now available in all T-mobile retail stores or just a few but you can call to nearly store to check it.

myTouch 4G Blutooth Swivel Dock Features
- Just twist the dock for landscape or portrait mode to easily watch a movie, show a recipe or play a game
- Unique swivel allows rotation from portrait and landscape mode for optimized viewing
- Built-in stereo Bluetooth with 3.5mm audio out
- Charges and Syncs

Saturday, December 4, 2010

myTouch 4G User Manual

myTouch 4G User Manual

myTouch 4G User Manual

Everything that you have to know before using your myTouch 4G. Here is a myTouch 4G user manual for myTouch 4G users ; you can view this user guide online on my blog or download myTouch 4G user manual from direct link. For view myTouch 4G user manual or download click "Read More" in below. Note - PDF online viewer may take a long time to load.
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