Friday, October 29, 2010

myTouch 4G Can But iPhone 4 Can't

myTouch 4G vs iPhone 4

myTouch 4G Can But iPhone 4 Can't

The above picture is a compare between New myTouch (myTouch 4G,myTouch HD - whatever) and iPhone 4 ,if you question is - Is that a good way to compare ? an answer is no but at least we can see that myTouch 4G has some strength point over iPhone 4 and here is a list of what myTouch 4G can do but iPhone 4 can't

- Lighthing fast 4G speeds
- Video Chat from anywhere, to other PC's, Mac's and see who's ready to chat
- Capture, share and broadcast HD videos and beam media to HDTV
(HD Camcorder, Screen Share)
- Genius Button - You speaks, it acts!
- Entertain your children with KidZone - no calls or text, just keep them occupied!
- Deep personalization options (themes, widgets, homescreen apps)
- Flash 10.1 support
- Swype Keyboard


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