Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Touch 3G With 3.5mm Jack Now Available


$150 For My Touch 3G With 3.5 MM Jack

If you are my Touch 3G the second phone Android phone in US.Here is a good news my Touch 3G now with 3.5mm headset jack and now available on T-mobile site,surely its cost is appear.

my Touch 3G cost is $150 with 2 year contract on Even more plans and $399 for my Touch 3G without any contract


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Swype Keyboard On New T-mobile My Touch 3G

My Touch 1.2 with Swype Keyboard

New T-mobile my Touch 3g or we call My Touch 1.2 not just added 3.5mm headset jack but it comes with Swype keyboard.My touch 1.2 will be the first T-mobile device which has this alternative in put method feature.

If you had ever heard about Swype keyboard before you can see it in video,Swype keyboard is a text input method which you can swipe across the letters on keyboard to spell out your text.

New T-mobile My Touch 3G Released Today ?


My Touch 3G 1.2 Released on T-mobile site

For everyone who waiting for new T-mobile my Touch 3G (Hmm ?? Have anyone waiting for this ?) ,Here is a good news T-mobile put T-mobile my Touch 3G with 3.5mm jack on their website. However,there's no price for now but that should not far from original my Touch 3G cost.

New T-mobile my Touch 3G will added 3.5 mm headset jack,288 MB of RAM,Swype keyboard and double Twist and working on old platform Android 1.6 but ready for upgrade to Android 2.1 like another device like Motorola Droid,Google Nexus One.So,i will keep eye on T-mobile site until we know how many new T-mobile my touch 3G cost.
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