Friday, April 23, 2010

myTouch Slide May Be Delayed to Early June

myTouch Slide Release date

myTouch Slide Release date

We have heard rumor about release date of myTouch Slide said myTouch 3G Slide from T-mobile will be available on May 17th.You may have to wait longer to get physical keyboard version of myTouch phone.Tmonews is reporting that their source told myTouch Slide release date get delayed until June 2nd.Tmonews assume the release date has been delayed to allow for more manufacturing time.Only 2 weeks delayed so it can't change myTouch Slide fans mind, Right ?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

myTouch Slide Screen Leaked


myTouch Slide screen

Many and many pics of myTouch Slide has leaked piece by piece.Today i have got myTouch Slide screen leaked from TmoNews.As rumored earlier, myTouch Slide will running on Android 2.1 and coming with HTC Sense UI but no anyone can confirm that HTC Sense on myTouch Slide will be Espresso Sense UI.So,i hope you enjoy myTouch Slide pics and if you want to see more myTouch Slide screen pics you can go to TmoNews.
myTouch Review myTouch Slide
myTouch Slide Review myTouch Slide Screen
my Touch Slide Review myTouch Slide

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

myTouch Slide Specs

myTouch Slide Specs

Waiting is over,after many picture leaked today we will know the specifications of new version myTouch 3G ; the myTouch Slide.No official specs sheet but the source you can trust.But one thing still confused that myTouch Slide CPU some rumor said myTouch Slide will coming with 1GHz CPU like Nexus One and others Android phone.So,in below is myTouch Slide specs and it very close to the official specs.

myTouch Slide specifications :
-600 MHz ARM CPU processor
-512 MB RAM
-512 MB on-board storage
-8 GB MicroSD card included in the box
-Android 2.1 with HTC Sense and multi-touch support
-5 Megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash

myTouch Slide will coming with Swype Keyboard as the default keyboard,Android games and including a streaming music service like Pandora.However,with lower CPU processor there's no Live Wallpaper support for myTouch Slide.What do you think about this phone ? if we looking at specs we can't say it's a bad phones but among many Android phone in market.How far can myTouch Slide go ?

Red,Black and White myTouch Slide with "Genius Button"

Genius Button on myTouch Slide

More picture leaked for myTouch Slide and if we look at right nearly soft keys we will find little "g" button as known as "Genius Button" but no one can say for sure how this button work ?."g" logo has trademark registered by T-mobile and may be used for quick voice input or voice commands into the Android operating system.However we will find an answer when myTouch Slide released to market and rumored said May 17th and will be available in 3 colors ; red,black and white.

Red myTouch Slide Appears in the Wild

myTouch-slideAfter FCC picture of myTouch Slide has leaked that is a good sign for myTouch fans which new version of myTouch ; myTouch Slide will coming to market in nearly future.Today i got a picture of red myTouch Slide from TmoNews and in this picture we can see myTouch Slide homescreen aren't traditional Android style and may be the main point of marketing campaign name "100% YOU"for myTouch Slide.So,still more question about myTouch Slide but all question will get an answer in nearly future.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Espresso ROM Leaked On HTC Hero

More myTouch Slide Pics Leaked

myTouch Slide

A guy from TmoNews just posted more myTouch Slide picture which we waiting for ; In this time we can see black myTouch Slide and the hot red myTouch Slide.Moreover Tmonews assume that myTouch Slide will running on Andriod 2.1 platform and have confirmed that myTouch Slide will coming with the same HTC Sense UI as the leaked Espresso ROM from January.For see enlarge myTouch Slide pictures you can click at picture ... ENJOY it : )

myTouch Slide FCC Pic Leaked


myTouch Slide FCC Pic

After myTouch Slide appeared in RadioShack's Direct2U system.Now we get closer and closer to myTouch 3G with physical keyboard.Now we get myTouch Slide FCC pic leaked ; in this photo we can assume that myTouch Slide will running on T-mobile and coming with ARM11 CPU.In below you can find comments about myTouch Slide FCC from Engadget and Phandroid

Engadget :
What is it, exactly? Well, it's a smartphone running 3G on WCDMA Band IV, which -- for those who don't have their bands memorized -- is the AWS spectrum that T-Mobile uses. In other words, we'd bet our bottom dollar that this is the rumored Android-equipped myTouch Slide that we're looking at here

Phandroid :
T-Mobile will be treating the myTouch brand as the new Sidekick, which isn’t a bad thing considering Android is a very solid platform to stand behind when pushing a flagship phone. Minor improvements – such as LED flash –

Friday, April 9, 2010

myTouch Slide Pic Leaked


T-mobile myTouch Slide

I know you are QWERTY keyboard fans and here is a good news for you T-mobile will release myTouch Slide new version of myTouch 3G with physical keyboard.myTouch Slide coming with slide QWERTY keyboard and new style trackball which look like Blackberryesque trackpad.So,you can fund rumored specs and picture leaked from in below

myTouch Slide Specs :
-320×48o screen resolution
-ARM11 processor
-1300mAHr Battery
-MicroSD memory cardslot is accessible without battery removal. It is a push to insert and push to remove design
-Optical trackpad with an integrated push button
-Camera with LED flash
-3.5 mm Headset Jack
-Slide-out 4 row QWERTY keyboard


MyTouch Slide Appears in Direct2U System

myTouch Slide in Direct2U

Is this the first in-the-wild confirmation of the rumored follow-up to the G1? Not much can be gleaned from the image leaked out of The Shack’s computer system, but any sign is a good sign for fan’s waiting for a worthy follow-up to the G1.

Of course lacking is any actual image of the myTouch Slide, but this confirms that the device should be headed to T-Mobile, just as expected. Ever since pictures first leaked a few months back, fans have been craving this updated version of the G1 with a physical, slide out keyboard. Looks like the wait may soon be nearing an end, and more news is no doubt to follow.

via Engadget

Friday, April 2, 2010

My Touch 3G User Manual

my Touch 3G User Manual

My Touch 3G User Manual

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Full my Touch 3G user manual for basic my Touch 3G information and using guide for all features in my Touch 3G.This user manual will help everybody who want to get start their my touch 3G with full of details.So,i put it in Google Doc Viewer for easy view on my blog.You can read or download it from link in below.

download my Touch 3G User Manual here

HTC Legend Review


HTC Legend Review

At Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona HTC announced 3 new smartphone that is HTC Desire,HD Mini and HTC Legend.We can call this phone as HTC Hero 2 because its designed similar to the first popular phone with HTC Sense from HTC.HTC Legend coming with ..
Read Full HTC Legend Here
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