Tuesday, April 20, 2010

myTouch Slide Specs

myTouch Slide Specs

Waiting is over,after many picture leaked today we will know the specifications of new version myTouch 3G ; the myTouch Slide.No official specs sheet but the source you can trust.But one thing still confused that myTouch Slide CPU some rumor said myTouch Slide will coming with 1GHz CPU like Nexus One and others Android phone.So,in below is myTouch Slide specs and it very close to the official specs.

myTouch Slide specifications :
-600 MHz ARM CPU processor
-512 MB RAM
-512 MB on-board storage
-8 GB MicroSD card included in the box
-Android 2.1 with HTC Sense and multi-touch support
-5 Megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash

myTouch Slide will coming with Swype Keyboard as the default keyboard,Android games and including a streaming music service like Pandora.However,with lower CPU processor there's no Live Wallpaper support for myTouch Slide.What do you think about this phone ? if we looking at specs we can't say it's a bad phones but among many Android phone in market.How far can myTouch Slide go ?


lee said...

T mobile continues to offer the consumer uncompetitive phones. Products that appear just good enough. The technology of this phone appeared last year. In the fast world of the micro chip, the mytouch is already out of date.

Jantboy said...

tmobile should place a recall on these my touch 3g's because they are all pieces of shit

Anonymous said...

Heh, I became a T-mobile customer (back in the Voicestream days) because it was the cheapest way to do just what I wanted. Doesn't look like things have changed all that much.

Ricardo said...

i love this phone. i had never been a tmobile customer up till now, and i gotta say i'm pleased. a great phone for a good price, up to date operating system and average monthly fee. keep it up T :)

Amber said...

Horrible phone. Slow processor. Low internal memory. You can't download too many items or the phone becomes slow and choppy. My phone from 4 years ago had better performance. Cheap phone. Wouldn't even buy it for a child.

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