Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Red,Black and White myTouch Slide with "Genius Button"

Genius Button on myTouch Slide

More picture leaked for myTouch Slide and if we look at right nearly soft keys we will find little "g" button as known as "Genius Button" but no one can say for sure how this button work ?."g" logo has trademark registered by T-mobile and may be used for quick voice input or voice commands into the Android operating system.However we will find an answer when myTouch Slide released to market and rumored said May 17th and will be available in 3 colors ; red,black and white.


Rajah said...

i love how it look and has keyboard too hope i will buy that someday and i have g1 so hope i will get upgrade for that my touch 3g slide

Brian said...

I just ordered mine, with a bit of hesitation. There's a lot of phenomenal phones that have dropped recently and will drop soon. This phone will barely stay along with process over the next year. Something tells me I made a mistake not waiting for a new g-series, or just switching to Sprint/Clear for the Evo.

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