Monday, April 19, 2010

myTouch Slide FCC Pic Leaked


myTouch Slide FCC Pic

After myTouch Slide appeared in RadioShack's Direct2U system.Now we get closer and closer to myTouch 3G with physical keyboard.Now we get myTouch Slide FCC pic leaked ; in this photo we can assume that myTouch Slide will running on T-mobile and coming with ARM11 CPU.In below you can find comments about myTouch Slide FCC from Engadget and Phandroid

Engadget :
What is it, exactly? Well, it's a smartphone running 3G on WCDMA Band IV, which -- for those who don't have their bands memorized -- is the AWS spectrum that T-Mobile uses. In other words, we'd bet our bottom dollar that this is the rumored Android-equipped myTouch Slide that we're looking at here

Phandroid :
T-Mobile will be treating the myTouch brand as the new Sidekick, which isn’t a bad thing considering Android is a very solid platform to stand behind when pushing a flagship phone. Minor improvements – such as LED flash –


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