Monday, September 13, 2010

myTouch HD - Coming With 1 GHz Dual Core and Front Facing Camera

myTouch 3G HD

Dual Processor and Front Facing Camera on myTouch HD

From previous leaked document from T-mobile,T-mobile will be the first who bring Android phone with dual-core processor to the market.Today,i get more detail from TmoNews about the first dual core Android phone and it's a good news for myTouch Series fans that myTouch HD will coming with 1GHz dual core processor and 5 Mega pixel camera with a front facing camera.

myTouch HD will using 3G,HSPA+ and Wi-Fi networks for video chat.With Qik and Yahoo Messenger you can video call between phone to phone and phone to pc.TmoNews also mentioned,a screen-sharing feature between myTouch HD and HD Television but not confirmed that myTouch HD will using HDMI or wireless connections for this feature.

I will keep you update when i get something now about myTouch HD official specs,release date and pricing. Don't forget to follow this blog : )


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