Sunday, November 8, 2009

T-mobile my Touch Fender LE


T-mobile my Touch Fender LE

T-mobile had plans to release the disguised Tmobile my Touch 3G , my Touch Fender LE in Q1 2010.In production files HTC had produces 2 different phone,that is PVT32A used 288 MB of RAM and PVT32B used only 192 MB of Ram.The PVT32A had a 3.5 mm headsetwhich should have in new Android devices and missing from the my Touch 3G and comes with 16 GB microSD card inside for support your multimedia applications.

If we look to my Touch Fender LE specs and released date,this phone will out-of-date cause in Q1 of next year,all of new phone will have 1GHz processor.

Here is Specs of my Touch Fender LE from TmoNews which is very similar in specs to the HTC Hero



tth824 said...

i spoke with tmobile today and they informed me that the my touch 3g fender limited edition will be released 01/20/10

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