Saturday, August 29, 2009

Twidroid : Twitter for your Android Updated V2.5.1

Twidroid app for HTC my Touch

Twidroid : Twitter for your Android Updated V2.5.1

If you are G1 or my Touch 3G users who looking for Twitter app.Twidroid will be the best app for you,Twidroid is twitter application for Android phone with full feature,this application working with your twitter account and can help you to make direct messages and reply to your friends,post your pictures and more.

Now Twidroid released V2.5.1,with a lot of change,for example is Pro version of Twidroid which users have to pay 4.89 $ for more feature like multi-account support (merged & single view),desktop widget,native support,video posting,list your followers & friends,color themes,neat black pro application icon,integrated buzz viewer, courtesy of twittersphere

So,if you already Twidroid users and want to upgrade to new version.Twidroid team's recommend is you should uninstall your old version before installing the new version.

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