Monday, August 10, 2009

Amazon Application for Android phone and my Touch 3G

amazon app for myTouch 3g

Amazon Application for Android phone and my Touch 3G,the online retailer released application for Android phone such as my Touch 3G,HTC Hero.This application let my Touch 3G users sign into your Amazon account and shopping form you my Touch 3G.The Amazon application includes feature call "Amazon Remembers", "Remembers" can help you to take a photo of item or scan a barcode,and then will search and alert when find the same product,So you can compare prices.

Press Release:
"Customers have been requesting an Amazon shopping application on their Android devices and we are thrilled to bring them the Amazon App for Android," said Sam Hall, director of Amazon Mobile. "In addition to their favorite Amazon shopping features, Amazon App for Android users can use Amazon Remembers to easily keep track of the items they see in their daily lives and even instantly match photos and barcodes to products available at"

Amazon Application for Andriod users also have many features such as
-Amazon's 1-Click ordering and Amzaon Prime
-Order modification or Tracking packages
-Personal recommendations
-Read customer reviews
-Access their wish lists and the Gold Box Deal of the Day.

For my Touch 3G users and another Android users, you can get free download for your phones
from Amazaon official site by clicking Sign-in button on the right of the page.

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