Thursday, August 13, 2009

How To Root your MyTouch 3G!!

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How To Root your My Touch 3G!!

Only one week after Tmobile my Touch 3G,the 2nd Android phone from Tmobile released to US Market.For people who think it's impossible to hack your my Touch 3G,you have to see this post on xda-dev forum.There is an in-depth step to root your my Touch 3G posted by Amon_Ra which you can do by yourself step-by-step.

For people who have a question.Why you should root your my Touch 3G ?,rooted myTouch 3G is like jailbreaking for iPhone.That means you can access and control of your system files. That way you can download unapproved apps (tethering, anyone?) and install different themes and roms [via TmoNews]

But you should know root your my Touch 3G,you might brick your phone.So enjoy rooting and good luck !!

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