Monday, November 15, 2010

T-mobile Launches 2 New Promotional Plans

T-mobile Service Plan

T-mobile Service Plan

Today, T-mobile just launch their new promotional service plan called "Even More Promotional Plan" to shows that T-mobile is a value leader in 4G war. $79 for Individual 1500 mins plan and $149 for 3000 mins both plans including unlimited messaging and unlimited 4G Web. Not only new promotional plan, now 4G web plans both 200MB and 4G unlimited and tethering plan is available too. All new service plans from T-mobile will be a good option for Android fans who want to get myTouch 4G, Tmobile G2 or Nexus S especially unlimited data and tethering.

T-mobile Even More Promotional Plan
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Tmobile 4G Web Plan


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