Friday, November 26, 2010

T-mobile BOGO Promotion Now Begin

T-mobile BOGO Promotion

T-mobile BOGO Promotion

Happy Thanksgiving all you people - hope everyone enjoyed your Turkey but if you want to find more special gifts for your family. Here is your Black Friday promotion from T-mobile - T-mobile now starting BOGO promotion today, this promotion is available for both new and existing T-mobile customers who purchase one of featured phones such as myTouch 4G, Tmobile G2, HTC HD7 and Galaxy Tab on all T-mobile family plans. If you are new customer you have to active two or more lines but if you are an existing T-mobile customers, you need to add new 2 lines or upgrade your 2 lines to be eligible or upgrade an existing line and add a new line. For using this promotion for the T-mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab, you don't need to be on a family plan but another who get one free need to be on a family plan. There are many featured phones for this promotion - contract your T-mobile local stores for more information.


Nakul said...

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