Tuesday, November 2, 2010

myTouch 4G Pre Order Available For Existing T-mobile Customers ?

Buy myTouch 4G

Pre Order myTouch 4G

myTouch 4G aka myTouch HD now live on official sale page and some existing T-mobile customers can pre order from that. I can't confirm this will work for you but if want to try ,you have to login your T-mobile account and if you're lucking enough to get myTouch 4G ,you can add this lines to your account, if not you will see a "coming soon" screen. myTouch 4G will be available in stores in next 2 days but if you try to pre order please let me know in a comment.


penny said...

Hi I can on 1 of 5 of my loines and im the one with 36 months since I purchased a phone, the line isnt up til dec Ill just wait for a better price she said (tmobile cust serv rep)

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