Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Tmobile myTouch Will Be Called As "myTouch 4G" ??

New Tmobile myTouch

New myTouch Will Be myTouch 4G

T-mobile has announced their HSPA+ network as 4G network and call it "America's largest 4G network".So when the latest phone from T-mobile, The New T-mobile myTouch was announced, the question is why the latest phone in myTouch lineup didn't get a suffix name as "myTouch HD". I don't think T-mobile will call this phone only as "New myTouch" and now i get the rumor which suggests Tmobile will launch the New myTouch as Tmobile myTouch 4G for re-branding their HSPA+ network and fully advertise it as 4G network. Like HTC Evo 4G and Sprint Epic 4G ,it's not bad if T-mobile call this phone as myTouch 4G.However,no one can confirm this rumor but what do you think about this ?


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