Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TeleNav GPS Navigator launched on T mobile My Touch 3G

telenav on tmobile my touch 3gtelenav on tmobile my touch 3g

TeleNav GPS Navigator launched on Tmobile My Touch 3G

Tmobile my touch 3G will be the next mobile phone which you can put TelaNav on.TeleNav is GPS Navigator Application delivered via a mobile device.This application has many useful features such as route preview,automatic rerouting with quickly update,find Wi-Fi parking and the lowers fuel prices in your area,and you can also choice between 2D and 3D maps with zoom function.
GPS Navigator for tmobile my touch 3g
For Tmobile my touch 3G users,TeleNav GPS Navigator will gives you new experience for use car navigator. TeleNav GPS Navigator available download for Tmobile my Touch 3G on August 5th.

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