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myTouch 4G Slide Camera Review

T-mobile myTouch 4G Slide Review

myTouch 4G Slide Camera Review

T-mobile promotes myTouch 4G Slide ,the new member of their myTouch Family as an "advanced camera phone" and with best quality camera from HTC we have seen, myTouch 4G Slide will be the camera smartphone of today. myTouch 4G Slide comes with 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, wide aperture lens (f/2.2), illuminated sensor at the backside and camera feature like panorama, HDR, burst mode, Zero lag shutter. There's a dedicated camera button on myTouch 4G Slide , is smartly designed and placed on well position for easy shooting however if you don't want to use dedicated camera button you can also use capture button on the display. The camera software on myTouch 4G Slide is a good part and that why you can create a instantaneous capture by using this phone.


ClearShot HDR : HDR isn't new - there are many third party application you can use for the same effect but we're please to see HTC integrate this feature to myTouch 4G Slide. This high dynamic range feature combines overexposed shot, underexposed shot and normal exposure in to a single image with more detail. For example, when you try to capture a subject with the sun at your background you often get lack of detail and dark shadows image but for HDR it's not. One thing you have to know while using HDR feature you have to make sure that your subject keep perfectly still when capturing if not you'll get blurry image instead.

myTouch 4G Slide Panorama Shot

SweepShot : Panorama feature on myTouch 4G Slide produces a single image instead of a patched-together picture, however on myTouch 4G Slide if you want to capture Panorama picture you have to hold the capture button and sweep the phone at good and stable speed until you get to the end of the frame if you move slower or faster sometimes picture will not turns out so, you will need some practice for using this feature.


BurstShot :
An action mode lets you capture five consecutive photos in quick session including with automatically capture when someone smiles - smile detection. In Manual mode you can fully control the camera capture settings with camera effects like vintage, dots, vignette and more. You can also set the camera option such as contrast, exposure, white balance, ISO, sharpness, saturation, resolution or selecting 9 different modes you want by tapping the top left icon and can easily switch over to other modes like Portrait mode for capture people in focus with blurry background, Night mode for capture images in low light conditions ( myTouch 4G Slide will automatically switches to this mode when detects low light condition.), Macro mode for capture close up image and Action Mode for capture fast moving subjects.


T-mobile myTouch 4G Slide is good enough for using as phone and camera in one with high specs runs on latest Android OS and comes with high quality camera, wider lens, dual-LED flash, awesome and easy to use camera feature - myTouch 4G Slide now is the best camera Android phone that lets you to capture pretty good image in any conditions and share to your social network like Google+, Facebook, Twitter with fast network from T-mobile. So, if you looking for Android platform smartphone with high quality camera - myTouch 4G Slide may be your answer.


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