Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tmobile Prepaid Plan Leaked

Tmobile Prepaid Plan

Tmobile Prepaid Plan

Prepaid plans for mobile device is something which has been missing for a long time in America. Today,i get a picture of Tmobile prepaid plan document leaked from Engadget. Tmobile will try to increase options for their customers by using prepaid plan. Tmobile will be launch this data plan at CTIA in the next few days.

Pricing for Tmobile prepaid plan from leaked document :
$10 Week Pass = 100 MB of data or 7 days,whichever comes first
$30 Month Pass = 300 MB of data or 30 days,whichever comes first
$ 50 Month Pass = 1 GB of data or 30 days,whichever comes first

If we compare Tmobile prepaid plan with Europe and others,we can't say that's good enough. However,this's just the start of prepaid plan steps.


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