Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Tmobile myTouch (myTouch HD) Document Leaked

The New myTouch

New myTouch 's Fact Sheet

Last week,Tmobile has announced the latest Android phone in myTouch 3G series - The New myTouch (myTouch HD in the first rumor).I hope i can find more details leaked about The New Tmobile myTouch and now The New myTouch gets a official document from T-mobile .From fact sheet - not only HSPA+ support and front facing camera The New myTouch will coming with live streaming and on-demand TV and movies from T-mobile's partners like ABC,Fox Sports,Disney,PBS Kids and more.

T-mobile are moving towards mobile TV as the new flagship when bandwidth and smart phones specs increases plus the big screen of newer device are suitable for live streaming and on-demand service.From The New Tmobile myTouch 's fact sheet - Tmobile TV will offer always-free programming is so sweet for New myTouch owners who don't want to pay extra fee for Tmobile TV.


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