Saturday, August 7, 2010

myTouch 3G To myTouch 3G HD ??

myTouch 3G HD

myTouch 3G HD

After myTouch 3G Slide the QWERTY version of myTouch 3G released to Android phone market look like T-mobile will keep myTouch 3G serie continue.We have heard that new version of myTouch 3G will be myTouch 3G HD.From myTouch 3G HD pic leaked,it like myTouch Slide but without QWERTY keyboard but aloso have Genius Button and optical trackpad.myTouch 3G HD have bigger screen display (almost 3.7-4 inches). myTouch 3G HD will get fully support for T-mobile's HSPA+ network.I will kee you updated when get more myTouch 3G HD news update and more pics leaked.


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