Wednesday, June 9, 2010

T-Mobile Now Ready For myTouch 3G Slide Campaign

T-mobile is starting to launch marketing campaign for the newest Android phone, myTouch 3G Slide.A guy from TmoNews spotted this billboard in the New York City subway :
myTouch 3G Slide adsT-mobile has already plan to promote myTouch Slide and here is timeline for this device :
12-13th June :
Firestarter - Sell the myTouch Story
16th June :
Official national launch of product in retail channel.Campaign Ads goes live on TV,Outdoor, Digital ,Newspaper and Retail incentive starts.(So,if the NBA Finals reach to game 7.We may see myTouch 3G Slide ads between the game.)
19th June :
Something will happen.TMO only said "It will be BIG" -- Stay tuned !!
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