Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Officially Announced : myTouch Slide with Genius Button from T-mobile

myTouch Slide from T-mobile

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Hi,myTouch 3G and myTouch Slide fans,long time after my last post,today i have a good news for you.I'm glad to tell you,the waiting is over,today T-mobile has officially announced myTouch Slide the new version of myTouch 3G with QWERTY keyboard and Genius Button.T-mobile give us a hint for what Genius Button work.With cooperation between T-mobile and Nuance Communications the provider of speech recognition who develops Dragon Naturally Speaking.Nuance introduced a new Dictation Technology for Android operation system which Android users can using voice command to control their Android phone and input a text with one button and that's what Genius Button can do.

Do you have a question ? What's different between Genius Button and standard Voice To Text ? An answer is,with Genius Button you're given more freedom and very easier to use.For example, You can hit the Genius Button and say "Send text to Steve.What are you doing now ? I want to see you this evening" then the system will work automatically.That's just one of the many things you can do with Genius Button.My Account App 3.0 from T-mobile will also integrate with the Dragon Dictation Technology which allows myTouch Slide user to fully manage and access all of your account with your voice.

I'm so excited to see T-mobile and the Dictation Technology from Nuance can give
myTouch Slide
users a new experience when using Genius Button.Here are what Andrew Sherrard,T-mobile's vice president of product development and Michael Thompson,senior vice president and General Manager from Nuance said about this technology on T-mobile myTouch Slide :
“In partnering with Nuance, a leader in speech technology, we’ve been able to create a new experience which makes it easier for our customers to stay connected with the important people in their lives.Our consumers now have the ability to easily and quickly communicate with their favorite people through text and e-mail with the push of one button and the sound of their voice.”
"We believe the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide’s speech capabilities are perhaps the most innovative examples of how speech will elevate the mobile experience. T-Mobile is truly taking advantage of our connected and embedded natural language capabilities to bring an incredibly unique Android device and one-of-a-kind consumer experience to market. Now T-Mobile consumers have one-button, one-shot speech access for messaging, finding directions, accessing information on the Web – and it’s all available right out of the box.”
T-mobile myTouch Slide will be available in store in June with 3 colors ; Red,White and Black.Now you can visit myTouch Slide official page on T-mobile site for 360 degree view and subscribe for myTouch Slide news update.


Mark said...

Oh wow, I so want this phone. Bigger screen, faster, android, slide out keyboard, and the genius button sounds excellent. I still love the original g1 but this looks like an updated version with great new stuff.

Kandi said...

will u be able to download e books to this phone?

Vironica said...

How much would a upgrade be from the original mytouch 3G??

Anonymous said...


Stephen said...

Just looked at the specs. Kinda disappointed. I'll probably replace my G1 with a Moto Droid or wait for the Nexus One Enterprise

Enjie said...
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Parker said...

thanks for the spammy link sapurinaturale. garbage .

David said...

Wow!! T mobile has done it, this phone is awsome.

Karen said...

My daughter has now had 4 of these phones in the past 3 months. TMobile has generously (scarcastic) offered to let her upgrade for an additional $275 to replace this junk.

I'd avoid both like the plague.

(No she is not a teenager - nor abusive to the equipment).

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