Thursday, May 6, 2010

[Video] Tmo's Vice President Present the myTouch 3G Slide

myTouch Slide Preview Video

announced the myTouch Slide in 2 days ago,but we still haven't seen the real phone much.Today,Tmonews the unofficial T-mobile site get a video from InfoSyncWorld.In this video you can see Andrew Sherrard,T-mobile Vice president of product development demonstrates the my Touch 3G Slide.After watching this video,i think my Touch Slide can handle Espresso UI without Snapdragon CPU,it's very smooth when he swiping through homescreens with different widgets and icons and weather animations the popular feature from HTC that look good too. However,the contact book looked unusable and i hope we can disable this feature.How about you ? What do you think of the my Touch Slide ?


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