Friday, May 28, 2010

[CONFIRMED] myTouch Slide Will Get Android 2.2 After Launch

Android 2.2

myTouch Slide - Android 2.2

I have got this news from AndroidSpin and they have confirmed that myTouch 3G Slide the newest Android phone from T-mobile will getting Android 2.2 (Froyo) shortly after this phone available in market.T-mobile employee will get this update in next week for testing.No date confirmed for the update for myTouch 3G Slide users but it should be available in June.


John Johnson II said...

what does that mean for the mytouch 3g, will it get the 2.1 update around the same time?

Joshua said...

Mytouch 3g original is skipping 2.1 and getting 2.2 with some varients, but it should be getting the sense UI as well, but it will be skipping right to 2.2... so all the original mytouch 3g users should be excited, not sure when it will be, but every site says "very soon" as well.

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